iconClasses Availability, Requirements

Classification Subject Class Name Credit
Specialized fundamental subject Compulsory: Research Method I 1
Optional: Research Method II 1
Compulsory: Research Session 3
Specialized subject Research and Application Subjects Compulsory: Seminar in Human Performance
and Sport Sciences I
Compulsory: Seminar in Human Performance
and Sport Sciences II
Research Practice Subjects Optional: Project Rotation 1
Optional: Problem-Based Research I 2
Optional: Problem-Based Research II 2
Optional: Project Forum I 1
Optional: Project Forum II 1
Global Research Subjects Optional: Global Intensive Debate I 1
Optional: Global Intensive Debate II 1
Optional: International Forum I 1
Optional: International Forum II 1



  • Based on the above table, Ph.D. student must pass both final examination and presentation of doctoral thesis.
  • Standard course: Students need to earn 7 credits or more.
  • Optional course (SRI certification): Students need to earn 14 credits or more.
  • Research Session (Progress Presentation I・II)

Standard schedule

Standard schedule (PDF) for a doctoral degree in three years.